SlowMove Slow motion for all

SlowMove allows anyone to slow any video on any device: whether the video comes from your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop or Youtube you can slow it with a fluid and professional rendering.

SlowMove won the first national prize in the Innovation category.
for Windows Store
"SlowMove is a really great software innovation and has a very big potential. Everyone will be part of this slow motion revolution soon !"
Arthur Mayrand
Technological Innovations Engineer @France Télévisions
"The Slow Move team has distinguished itself in the innovation category, where their application of 'slow motion for all' has seduced the jury."
Imagine Cup : Who are the french winners ?

You have the video. You have the idea.

SlowMove is giving you the tool.

Let’s do slow motion together!

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Microsoft ImagineCup 2014

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the world’s most prestigious student technology competition !

Every year, thousands of talented students vie for prizes and bragging rights in the Imagine Cup – Microsoft’s global student technology competition. They stretch their skills (and their imaginations) to build games, apps and solutions to real-world challenges.

SlowMove Team
SlowMove Team
Francois Raminosona
François Raminosona
Project manager & architect
Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn
Julien Baillon
Julien Baillon
Core developer
Vincent Dondain
Vincent Dondain
Core developer
Eloise Chizat
Eloïse Chizat
UI developer
Edwige Seminara
Edwige Seminara
Facebook - Twitter
LinkedIn - Viadeo
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